1998 – 2006

Note: for complete release information, see the track essays themselves or the relevant album essay. Tracks released on singles are generally not given track numbers because ommitted recordings (e.g. live tracks or remixes) would create confusion and tracklistings vary by format. A/B-side relationship is indicated by catalogue numbers.

If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next Single (1998)
1) [A100] ‘If You Tolerate This Then Your Children Will Be Next’
2) [B101] ‘Prologue to History’
3) [B102] ‘Montana/Autumn/78’

This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours Album (1992) (Essay)
1) [A103] ‘The Everlasting’
2) [A100] ‘If You Tolerate This Then Your Children Will Be Next’
3) [A104] ‘You Stole the Sun From My Heart’
4) [T105] ‘Ready For Drowning’
5) [A106] ‘Tsunami’
6) [T107] ‘My Little Empire’
7) [T108] ‘I’m Not Working’
8) [T109] ‘You’re Tender and You’re Tired’
9) [T110] ‘Born a Girl’
10) [T111] ‘Be Natural’
11) [T112] ‘Black Dog on My Shoulder’
12) [T113] ‘Nobody Loved You’
13 [T114] ‘S.Y.M.M.’

The Everlasting Single (1998)
1) [A103] ‘The Everlasting’
2) [B115] ‘Black Holes For The Young’
3) [B116] ‘Valley Boy’

You Stole the Sun From My Heart Single (1999)
1) [A104] ‘You Stole the Sun From My Heart’
2) [B117] ‘Socialist Serenade’

Tsunami Single (1999)
1) [A106] ‘Tsunami’
2) [B118] ‘Buildings for Dead People’

The Masses Against the Classes Single (2000)
1) [A119] ‘The Masses Against the Classes’
2) [B120] ‘Close My Eyes’
3) [B121c] ‘Rock and Roll Music’

Found That Soul Single (2001)
1) [A122] ‘Found That Soul’
2) [B123] ‘Locust Valley’
3) [B124] ‘The Ballad of the Bangkok Novotel’

So Why So Sad Single (2001)
1) [A125] ‘So Why So Sad’
2) [B126] ‘Pedestal’

Know Your Enemy Album (2001) (Essay)
1) [A122] ‘Found That Soul’
2) [A127] ‘Ocean Spray’
3) [T128] ‘Intravenous Agnostic’
4) [A129] ‘Let Robeson Sing’
5) [T130] ‘The Year of Purification’
6) [T131] ‘Wattsville Blues’
7) [T132] ‘Miss Europa Disco Dancer’
8) [T133] ‘Dead Martyrs’
9) [T134] ‘His Last Painting’
10) [T135] ‘My Guernica’
11) [T136] ‘The Convalescent’
12) [T137] ‘Royal Correspondent’
13) [T138] ‘Epicentre’
14) [T139] ‘Baby Elián’
15) [T140] ‘Freedom of Speech Won’t Feed My Children’
16) [T141c] ‘We Are All Bourgeois Now’

Ocean Spray Single (2001)
1) [A127] ‘Ocean Spray’
2) [B142] ‘Groundhog Days’
3) [B143] ‘Just a Kid’
4) [B144] ‘Little Trolls’

Let Robeson Sing Single (2001)
1) [A129] ‘Let Robeson Sing’
2) [B145] ‘Masking Tape’
3) [B146t] ‘Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel’
4) [B147] ‘Fear of Motion’

There By the Grace of God Single (2002)
1) [A148] ‘There By the Grace of God’
2) [B149] ‘Automatik Teknicolour’
3) [B150] ‘It’s All Gone’
4) [B151] ‘Unstoppable Salvation’
5) [B152] ‘Happy Ending’

NME in Association with War Child Presents 1 Love (2002)
1) [O153c] ‘Out of Time’

Forever Delayed Compiltion (2002)
1) [C154] ‘Door to the River’
2) [C155] ‘4 Ever Delayed’

Lipstick Traces Compilation (2003)
1) [C156] ‘Judge Yr’Self’


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