[E6] ‘Last Exit on Yesterday’

Released on: New Art Riot E.P. (EP #1) Damaged Goods, 22 June 1990
Track: 3

A good example of the somewhat unfocused tendency of New Art Riot‘s lyrics, ‘Last Exit on Yesterday’ flits indecisively between various incomplete ideas about loneliness and emptiness, which has made it one of the EP’s less memorable efforts. The chorus is strong, however, and the drum sound is – for better or worse – a sign of things to come on Generation Terrorists. Very much in keeping with the overall aesthetic of the EP, ‘Last Exit on Yesterday’ is otherwise an unremarkable early Manics recording.

Choice Lyric (Full Lyrics)
“lazy fat executive seller / swing to the sound of another dead lover”

Valium – the trade name used by pharmaceutical company Hoffman-La Roche to market the relaxant drug diazepam.


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