[A20] ‘You Love Us’

Released on: You Love Us (Single #6) Columbia Records, 16 January 1992
Track: 1
Peak UK Chart Position: #16
Band Ranking: Not included
Also on Album: Generation Terrorists (Track 5)

Re-recording of [A11] ‘You Love Us (Heavenly Version)’

The Manics’ first release of what would be a busy 1992 was the newly re-recorded version of ‘You Love Us’. The single, released just under a month before its parent album, reached #16 in the UK charts – exactly the same chart position the Heavenly version had achieved only around eight months earlier. This was all the more impressive given that the single did not contain any unreleased B-sides because [B21] ‘A Vision of Dead Desire’ was itself a re-recording of [O3] ‘UK Channel Boredom’. With this in mind, the Columbia version of You Love Us could be said to be the “laziest” Manics single ever, not containing even one entirely original or never-before-heard song. This is probably explained by the sheer amount of material the band had to corral together to construct Generation Terrorists; at 72 minutes long, most of the music would not be heard elsewhere before the release, and the lack of spare songs worked to the detriment of the You Love Us single.

Lacking in the distinctive sampling of the Heavenly version and also substantially less aggressive in sound, the Columbia version of ‘You Love Us’ does not stand up to much comparison with that track. At the same time, the rework was clearly necessary, as the original simply wouldn’t work in the context of the sound the band and producer Steve Brown chose for Generation Terrorists.

The US version of Generation Terrorists replaced the original UK version of the song with one remixed by Michael Brauer (who would go on to win a Grammy for his work with Coldplay many years later) which featured live drums by American drummer Zachary Alford. This was also true of [A22] ‘Slash ‘N’ Burn’, [T23] ‘Natwest – Barclays – Midlands – Lloyds’ and [A26] ‘Little Baby Nothing’.


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