[T27] ‘Repeat (Stars and Stripes)’

Released on: Generation Terrorists (Album #1) Columbia Records, 10 February 1992 (Track 8)

Remix of [A18] ‘Repeat (UK)’

The Manics’ love of Long Island hip hop group Public Enemy is made clear by a number of references and samples throughout Generation Terrorists, so it is easy to imagine their delight when the group’s production team, The Bomb Squad, agreed to remix a Manics song. Unfortunately, two poor decisions about the remix severely undermined the entertainment value for the listener, however gratifying it was for the band.

Firstly, the track chosen was ‘Repeat (UK)’, which had very little going for it in the first place. Secondly, the remix was not used as added value on a single but added to the tracklisting of the already bloated Generation Terrorists, so that one of its least inspiring songs appeared not once but twice. The remix itself is a pretty perfunctory effort, just some gimmicky sound effects, passable drum loops and a few mildly interesting spoken samples bolted to the song’s shouted chorus.

Years later the band joked that the song might not really have been remixed by The Bomb Squad at all, but rather just handed off to one of their associates – that really would be the final insult.


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