[T29] ‘Another Invented Disease’

Released on: Generation Terrorists (Album #1) Columbia Records, 10 February 1992
Track: 10

If those who would seek to cut down the length of Generation Terrorists get their way, ‘Another Invented Disease’ had better start shuffling out of view; this GT-by-numbers track is very much one of the most forgettable entries on the record both lyrically and musically. In fact, when it comes to the words the most interesting aspect is probably that the song’s first line is the earliest example of a really good mondegreen or frequently misheard lyric on a Manics record: “drugs come out of boredom babe” sounds ever so much like “dressed for my lobotomy”, which not only a plausible ’92-era Manics line but also almost a reference to [B15] ‘R.P. McMurphy’.

Edwards said that the song was about “how the more things you need, the less you actually are”, although it is difficult, to say the least, to pick this up from the song itself. The title is, according to Simon Price’s biography of the band, a reference to AIDS and especially the conspiracy theory that the disease was bio-engineered in a CIA laboratory. Another possible meaning is that it is consumerism – or to use the phrase from [A22] ‘Slash ‘N’ Burn’, “created needs”- that is the real “invented disease” afflicting society.

Choice Lyric (Full Lyrics)
“daylight bores the sunshine out of me / I need to feel alone amongst the weeds”

UN – United Nations, the intergovernmental body formed at the conclusion of WWII in 1945 with the primary goal of preserving peace.

Amex – short for American Express, a financial services corporation known for its credit card, founded in Buffalo, New York in 1850.


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