[T31] ‘Spectators of Suicide’

Released on: Generation Terrorists (Album #1) Columbia Records, 10 February 1992 (Track 14)

Re-recording of [B12] ‘Spectators of Suicide (Heavenly Version)’

Among those who have heard both, the later Columbia re-recording of ‘Spectators of Suicide’ tends to be much less popular than the Heavenly version. Mourned-over omissions in the newer version are the faster sections and the more raw production. While it is certainly true that the album version is less exciting, it has the advantage of providing a moment of calm on the otherwise bombastic Generation Terrorists which by track 14, can become seriously exhausting. The new production by Steve Brown, while unpopular with many, was clearly essential to make ‘Spectators of Suicide’ fit in with the rest of the LP.


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