[T32c] ‘Damn Dog’

Released on: Generation Terrorists (Album #1) Columbia Records, 10 February 1992
Track: 15

Cover: Originally by the Sleez Sisters

One of the true oddities on Generation Terrorists, ‘Damn Dog’ is in a way unique in the whole discography to date: it is the only cover version ever released on a Manic Street Preachers album as a main track (I.e., not as a hidden or bonus track).

The song has its origins in a cult 1980 film called Times Square, directed by Allan Moyle. In this long-time Manics favourite, two teenage runaways played by Robin Johnson and Trini Alvarado form an underground punk band called The Sleez Sisters; ‘Damn Dog’ is one of the songs performed in the film (it is adapted from a poem).

The Manics’ decision to cover the track has had them receive some flak, because its eccentric lyrics and simple composition make it sound, well, a bit daft. Perhaps for these reasons, the song was removed from the US version of Generation Terrorists.

While it’s hardly a masterpiece, it’s also difficult to really dislike it – it’s good natured fun, and a connection to a film that significantly influenced the Manics. A line from the script inspired the title of [A48] ‘Roses in the Hospital’.

Choice Lyric (Full Lyrics)
“I’ve got a taste for flesh / got a taste for danger”

Rabies – a viral disease typically transmitted through saliva which is zoonotic, meaning it can carry between animals of different species. Most commonly found in dogs, although extremely deadly in humans.


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