[B37] ‘Bored Out of My Mind’

Released on: Motorcycle Emptiness (Single #8) Columbia Records, 1 June 1992
Peak UK Chart Position: #17
Band Ranking: #4

When Motorcycle Emptiness was released as the fifth single from Generation Terrorists at the start of June 1992, it was similar to the previous single in that it contained just one new, studio B-side. ‘Bored Out of My Mind’ joined a live version of [T33] ‘Crucifix Kiss’ as well as a live cover of Alice Cooper’s 1971 song ‘Under My Wheels’.

Few Manics songs sum up their content with their title as well as ‘Bored Out of My Mind’, a very languid song about boredom, numbness and failed relationships. The largely acoustic composition is put together nicely enough, but the overall structure is just too monotonous to be more than a minor B-side. A few of the lines are interesting, and the final guitar notes are oddly reminiscent of the much later This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours album.

Choice Lyric
“I tried everything to get along with you”


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