[B40] ‘Never Want Again’

Released on: Little Baby Nothing (Single #9) Columbia Records, 16 November 1992
Peak UK Chart Position: #29
Band Ranking: #35

As the final song released from the entire Generation Terrorists era, ‘Never Want Again’ represents a major milestone. Manic Street Preachers’ infancy as a band was ending; beginning with the next album they would become a conventional working band on the album-tour-break cycle.

Given that so many of the B-sides from the GT period are surprisingly strong (taking into account how much writing was used up on the album itself) it is fitting that ‘Never Want Again’ should end things on a high note. While certainly not as subdued as some of the acoustic B-sides, this is a laid-back, relaxed-sounding recording with a lyric that puts the personal ahead of the political. This would increasingly become a trend on later albums, but feels quite unusual in the context of the Manics circa 1992.

The brief but pretty acoustic introduction that leads into the very pleasant riff around which the song is based sets the scene: the Manics clearly took some time to achieve the sound they wanted with this track. Like so many of the GT B-sides, this is a world away from the wanton explosiveness of the album itself, which serves all the better to underscore the anguished, despairing lyrics. In the end, a relatively restrained solo from Bradfield leads into a fadeout, a fairly uncommon technique for the Manics.

Choice Lyric (Full Lyrics)
“I get told I should be happy / I got no rights on how I feel”


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