[B63] ‘Too Cold Here’

Released on: Revol (Single #14) Epic Records, 1 August 1994
Peak UK Chart Position: #22
Band Ranking: #39

The fan favourite status ascribed to ‘Too Cold Here’ among the Holy Bible B-sides says more about the scarcity of B-sides from this period than it does the quality of the song. For sure, this mournful acoustic effort has some strong points, not least its very good bridge and one or two excellent lyrics – but it’s simply too monotone and glum to be truly enjoyable or notable among acoustic Manics tracks. The lacklustre chorus feels particularly rushed and could be interpreted as evidence that The Holy Bible was exhausting the band even more than Generation Terrorists must have done – there can’t have been much left in the tank.

It’s a subdued effort, almost completely comprised of Bradfield’s singing and acoustic guitar. It does feature whistling at a couple of moments, which makes it a very rare breed. Also of significance is the line “everyone asks what’s wrong but what’s right”, which is very similar to a phrase used in [T222] ‘All Is Vanity’. That song, although not released until 2009 on Journal For Plague Lovers, must have been written within a few months of ‘Too Cold Here’, as like the other songs on that LP its lyrics were contained in the folder Edwards gave to his fellow band members before he disappeared.

Also of note is the superb line “it’s easier to make love to a stranger than to ask a friend to call”. There are few better examples than this of Edwards’ flair for making devastating observations about the way people behave; it’s a fantastically astute statement on the mixed-up ideas about intimacy that are so prevalent in today’s world. Sadly the rest of the lyrics are far from reaching this level.

Choice Lyric (Full Lyrics)
“it’s easier to make love to a stranger than to ask a friend to call”


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