[B74] ‘Love Torn Us Under’

Released on: She Is Suffering (Single #16) Epic Records, 3 October 1994
Peak UK Chart Position: #25
Band Ranking: #38

As with the previous two singles promoting The Holy Bible, the She Is Suffering release contained just one original B-side. The other tracks presented on the single are covers which are sometimes presented as though they were recorded in the studio: Suede’s 1992 single ‘The Drowners’ and The Faces’ 1971 song ‘Stay With Me’. In fact, both of these are live recordings from the 1994 Suede/Manic Street Preachers European tour; Suede’s Bernard Butler plays guitar on the latter track, which was chosen as a tribute to the late Manics co-manager Philip Hall, who had died at the end of the previous year.

Quite simply, ‘Love Torn Us Under’ is a fittingly weak conclusion to the very weak set of B-sides the band produced for The Holy Bible. It’s obvious that B-sides were never a priority during this era given their very small number, simple acoustic compositions and generally poor lyrics. Perhaps appropriately, when recording the last of Edwards’ lyrics for Journal For Plague Lovers, the band released no singles and made no B-sides at all – if they had done the same for The Holy Bible the world would scarcely have noticed the difference. The album is such a completely singular experience, that it would not be hard to make do without its B-sides, and hence they exist now mainly as curios.

As it is, this song is probably the weakest of its era’s B-sides. A solo Bradfield number, it is completely sunk from the outset by its unintelligible lyrics. Perhaps worth seeking out only as a palette cleanser before the Everything Must Go era, ‘Love Torn Us Under’ is among the weakest early ’90s Manics B-sides.

Choice Lyric (Full Lyrics)
“wasting my time on the shackles of her love”


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