[T86] ‘Removables’

Released on: Everything Must Go (Album #4) Epic Records, 20 May 1996
Track: #8

Behold, the most misheard Manics song in history. No other song has so many misheard lyrics (or mondegreens) and they have caused a great deal of confusion and amusement over the years. One of them – “a bronze moth dies easily” being misheard as “I bronze my thighs easily” has taken on an infamous reputation just because, frankly, it’s hilarious. Other examples? Well, there’s “all transitory” being misheard as the brilliant “all trains are Tory” or “for voices to tell me” being misheard as “for foxes to tell me”, both of which are almost as good.

Sadly, ‘Removables’ has very little going for it aside from its potential for unintentional hilarity. When heard correctly, the set of lyrics is far from being one of Edwards’ best (he wrote them single-handedly) and while a song can be perfectly enjoyable if either its verses or chorus are poor, ‘Removables’ is crippled by the fact that both its verses and chorus are poor musically and lyrically. All in all, the song is possibly EMG‘s lowest ebb and not a song that should be remembered all that fondly within the wider discography. Put simply, it feels like filler – and given that the Manics have recorded very little filler on their albums, this reflects particularly badly on this song. The poor quality of the track is possibly explained by the fact that allegedly, ‘Removables’ was a one-take live studio recording that had very little time spent on it.

Choice Lyric (Full Lyrics)
“aimless rut of my own perception”



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