[T88] ‘Interiors (Song For Willem De Kooning)’

Released on: Everything Must Go (Album #4) Epic Records, 20 May 1996
Track: #10

Having said that [A87] ‘Australia’ appears on Everything Must Go between two of the album’s weaker tracks, the time comes to cover the second of these, ‘Interiors (Song For Willem De Kooning)’. The odd title makes very clear that song is one of those Manics songs closely associated with the art of painting, specifically the work of Willem De Kooning (1904 – 1997). De Kooning was a Dutch-American abstract expressionist painter who died at the age of 92 around a year after Everything Must Go was released.

Beginning with an endearing little moment of inhalation from Bradfield, the song lurches into a pretty monotonous clanging verse but luckily improves into a passable bridge and a fairly decent chorus. All of these transitions very obvious, though, just because of how very rigid the song’s structure is – at the beginning of the song it feels like we can easily predict how the rest of it will proceed, and indeed there are few surprises in store. The music just feels very standard and formulaic – genuinely exciting it is not; a manifestation of EMG‘s occasional lapse into pleasant-but-unremarkable territory it certainly is.

As for the lyrics? Well, Select‘s Andrew Male wrote that it was inspired by a documentary on Alzheimer’s disease and De Kooning’s experience of suffering the condition, which apparently left him unable to remember what he had painted. At this point, the cruel among you can insert a joke about how even without being sufferers, Manics listeners could easily forget this song just after hearing it.

Choice Lyric (Full Lyrics)
“another era is not forthcoming”



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