[B96] ‘First Republic’

Released on: Kevin Carter (Single #19) Epic Records, 30 September 1996
Peak UK Chart Position: #9
Band Ranking: #14

‘First Republic’ had a bit of a tough act to follow, appearing on the same single as two particularly notable EMG B-sides. The fact that it takes the form of another anti-monarchist tirade, a style that has brought some pretty poor efforts out of the band in the past, also doesn’t bode particularly well. True to form, the lyrics are poor in their maybe-serious, maybe-ironic, maybe-both approach and the sense of lapsing back to the worst of Generation Terrorists is heightened further still by Bradfield’s throwback angry delivery.

However, the guitar-heavy composition is mercifully a lot more intelligent and worthwhile than, say, [A18] ‘Repeat (UK)’. What really saves the song is the instrumental section towards the end during which piano and handclaps make a jarring but hilarious and excellent appearance. It’s the saving grace of a B-side which has been largely forgotten for mostly justified reasons.

Choice Lyric (Full Lyrics)
“now you’ve revealed something / you’re human even after all this”


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