[B97c] ‘Velocity Girl’

Released on: Australia (Single #20) Epic Records, 2 December 1996
Peak UK Chart Position: #7
Band Ranking: #21

Cover: Originally by Primal Scream

When the time came to put some B-sides together for Australia, the final single of the Everything Must Go era, Nicky Wire had hit possibly his worst-ever bout of writer’s block. The whole process of writing the fourth album had placed a much greater burden on him than he had known as a lyricist, and it was with this particular single that the situation really came to a head. As a result, no original songs were recorded and, uniquely, the release is backed up only by covers.

That these tracks were thrown together in something of a hurry is implied by ‘Velocity Girl’, the first of the covers and one of the most slight Manics recordings of all time. The song was originally a very early recording by the Scottish rock group Primal Scream – as well as being a B-side to one of their first singles it was also (somewhat to their displeasure) featured on the famous C86 compilation (see [E58c] ‘Charles Windsor’). The Manic Street Preachers version is barely of note – it’s a workmanlike cover of a very brief, average song.

‘Velocity Girl’ was included on the Lipstick Traces compilation purely on the basis that it was a cover; a number of other pretty weak efforts also made it onto the compilation for this reason, as the second disc was dedicated to both live and studio covers. It is recordings like ‘Velocity Girl’ which might have made the case for a full two discs of original B-sides instead but alas, it was not to be.

Choice Lyric (Full Lyrics)
“because my so-called friends have left me / and now I don’t care at all”



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