[B121c] ‘Rock and Roll Music’

Released on: The Masses Against the Classes (Single #25) Epic Records, 10 January 2000
Peak UK Chart Position: #1
Band Ranking: #7

Cover: Originally by Chuck Berry

It’s somewhat difficult to accept, but in fact there are people out there who dislike ‘Rock and Roll Music’, would even rank it as one of the weakest Manics B-sides. How can it be? Befitting the return to hard rock that the single’s A-side defines, this Manics version of Chuck Berry’s 1959 classic is about a gleefully giddy and barnstorming performance of the song as one could possibly wish to find. It’s a very faithful but almost comically amped-up version of the song which is frankly irresistible and, honestly, one of the most indispensable Manics covers and a very fine B-side.

Somewhat unusually for a studio-recorded cover, this track was actually played quite heavily during the tours of 2000 and 2001, and consequently performances appear on both the Leaving the 20th Century and Louder Than War films.

Choice Lyric (Full Lyrics)
“man they were going like a hurricane”


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