[B142] ‘Groundhog Days’

Released On: Ocean Spray (Single #28) Epic Records, 4 June 2001
Peak UK Chart Position: #15
Band Ranking: #15

While hardly one of the more commercially significant Manics singles, Ocean Spray can claim to have been accompanied by three interesting B-sides. Of those, ‘Groundhog Days’ is probably the least impressive, but it still has some nice features.

Most noticeably, the song is one of the most dramatic exploiters of the quiet/loud dynamic in the Manics canon, opening up essentially as a Bradfield acoustic solo number before exploding in the first chorus into a very loud if unremarkable full-band outing. Wire also puts in a lengthy vocal appearance, but it’s a kind of raging spoken word monologue as opposed to actual singing; in any case the words are more impressive here than in the rest of the song, which is too weighed down by its very ordinary concept (being miserable, every day is the same) to take off.

There’s an interesting link with the much later song [T243] ‘A Billion Balconies Facing the Sun’ in said monologue. In ‘Groundhog Days’, Wire ends his tirade with “all in search of our personal gods” – in the later song, the line “we’ve all become our personal gods” appears.

Choice Lyric (Full Lyrics)
“but tomorrow came too quick / and I went to bed again”


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