[B147] ‘Fear of Motion’

Released on: Let Robeson Sing (Single #29) Epic Records, 10 September 2001
Peak UK Chart Position: #19
Band Ranking: #19

The final B-side of the Let Robeson Sing single was only made available on the 12-inch vinyl, and structurally is one of the most archetypal Manics B-sides. The song is short, alternates brief verses and choruses, and contains a concluding guitar solo. Even by 2001 the band had recorded many B-sides in this vein and they would go on to record many more: the key determinant of whether they can be regarded as strong or significant is whether they can bring to the table more interesting elements to offset the formulaic structure.

In the case of ‘Fear of Motion’, there isn’t a whole lot that is new or exciting. As with so many Know Your Enemy era recordings it blends acoustic and electronic elements, but there’s nothing mindblowing about the twinkling synth this mostly involves. Both the very sparse lyrics and the guitar solo are also unremarkable, and the result is a song which is pleasant enough but breezes by very quickly indeed without making much of an impression. With all this in mind, its presence on just the 12-inch single along makes a lot of sense – clearly this wasn’t an effort the Manics wanted presented front-and-centre.

Choice Lyric (Full Lyrics)
“I need you as much as you need me”


2 responses to “[B147] ‘Fear of Motion’

  1. Love these essays but when will we see tracks from forever delayed/lipstick traces get a look in? I’d love to see opinions on By the Grace of God and Judge Yr’Self

    • Various things have forced a bit of a delay on the blog lately, but rest assured those compilations tracks will be going up very soon!

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