[B150] ‘It’s All Gone’

Released on: There By the Grace of God (Single #30) Epic Records, 14 October 2002
Also on: Forever Delayed (Compilation) Epic Records, 28 October 2002
Peak UK Chart Position: #6
Band Ranking: #30

The There By the Grace of God had a bumper crop of four original B-sides across its two CD versions, quite a treat for Manics fans in 2002. Of these, the second on CD1 is ‘It’s All Gone’, the then-latest in the long Manics tradition of songs about sleep. Wire is known for his enthusiasm for mundane things, so sleep is a natural subject for him. Helpfully, Bradfield and Moore also do everything they can to bolster the dreamy, unsettled atmosphere of this apparently shoegaze inspired track.

The problem is that structurally, ‘It’s All Gone’ simply doesn’t really go anywhere. It consists of a few distinct sections (the chorus, a chiming instrumental guitar part, the chorus) but the transitions between them feel very lurching and ordinary. This seems a waste, as both Wire’s bass work and Bradfield’s core guitar part are very strong; instead of surging off into the stratosphere as they might have done, the band settle for a cold stop to the guitar part and a subdued, rudimentary chorus.

With all this mind, the song feels like another entry in the list of Manics B-sides that could have been wonderful had a little more time and effort been put into them. As is so often the case, it’s a too-conventional structure and overly simplistic progressions that hold ‘It’s All Gone’ back from greatness.

Choice Lyric (Full Lyrics)
“the yawning reality of regret”


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