[B158] ‘Everyone Knows/Nobody Cares’

Released on: The Love of Richard Nixon (Single #31), Sony Records, 18 October 2004

‘The Love of Richard Nixon’ had a particularly lavish single release. Across two CD versions and a DVD version, no less than five different original B-sides were made available (whether the two songs presented in video form are technically “B-sides” as such could be argued). Even for a band with as prodigious B-sides output as the Manics, this was a lot.

For its part, ‘Everyone Knows/Nobody Cares’ could quite easily have been the A-side. With the exception of its rather slight lyrical content, the song is more interesting than ‘Richard Nixon’ in all respects. While very much a part of the Manics’ then-dominant electronic approach, the song has a much more driving pace and includes some interesting guitar work from Bradfield. Structurally, the chorus has a way of creeping up on the listener, so subtle is the intensification in the song.

After the welcome focus on them for the Lipstick Traces compilation, the Manics had by 2004 entered very much into a period when B-sides would vanish quickly into obscurity. ‘Everyone Knows’ doesn’t do enough to truly inspire, but is yet another example of an intriguing song which, like so many others before and since, has only ever been presented on the ephemeral format that is the CD single.

Choice Lyric (Full Lyrics)
“Onward we go to the world we have left”


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