[B159] ‘Everything Will Be’

Released on: The Love of Richard Nixon (Single #31), Sony Records, 18 October 2004

Brevity is a fairly common criticism of Manics B-sides, and one which would grow during the 2000s – songs could seem oddly truncated, feeling too short when a simple chorus repetition or extra instrumental section would make the recording so much more fleshed out. Even songs with tremendous potential could suffer this fate.

‘Everything Will Be’ can’t be accused of excess brevity. In fact, at over five minutes and longer than the vast majority of the band’s album tracks, it’s hugely overlong. Featuring some electronic effects but still not really quite feeling part of the Lifeblood era, the song simply doesn’t do enough to justify its existence, let alone its lavish length. The lyrics are generic, the pace soporific, and Bradfield sounds disinterested in all but a few of the lines. A trudging, repetitious mess, ‘Everything Will Be’ ought to have stayed in the vaults.

Choice Lyric (Full Lyrics)
“Your sleepy head can no longer care”


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