[T171] ‘Solitude Sometimes Is’

Released on: Lifeblood (Album #7), Sony Records, 1 November 2004
Track: 10

“Solitude, solitude / the eleventh commandment” – so Bradfield sang on the anguished, lacerating [T64] ‘Yes’. Released ten years later, ‘Solitude Sometimes Is’ represents much calmer and more serene expression of much the same sentiment.

While radically different from its predecessor, ‘Solitude’ is still an intriguing recording. Beginning with some simple guitar and some white noise, the song is an exercise in steady escalation which culminates in a fairly grandiose arrangement of guitars, synthesized strings, drums, a glockenspiel, and Bradfield’s vocals.

While the lyrics bear some outward similarity to [T166] ‘I Live to Fall Asleep’ in the sense that they form a tribute to a kind of splendid isolation, ‘Solitude’ contains a darker edge. For one, the line “if black were truly black, not grey” hints at the eroding sense of certainty which would be an enduring facet of the Manics’ collective personality for a decade to come. Similarly, Bradfield’s emotive cry of “drop your bombs on all I see / leave this world alone for me” implies an uncharacteristic spitefulness.

The Patrick Jones video for the song again used the demo version which as with [T168] ‘Emily’ differs only slightly from the final album version.

Choice Lyric (Full Lyrics)
“drop your bombs on all I see / leave this world alone for me”

‘Solitude Sometimes Is’ Video by Patrick Jones



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