[T173] ‘Cardiff Afterlife’

Released on: Lifeblood (Album #7), Sony Records, 1 November 2004
Track: 12

Lifeblood ends with one of its strongest songs, a track which again focuses on the ghosts of the past and has widely been interpreted as being written about Edwards – albeit in typically oblique way.

Subtle and understated like much of the preceding album but filled with returning incidental details like harp and synthesized strings, ‘Cardiff Afterlife’ also benefits from some interesting drums from Moore, including some stop-start passages towards the end of the song which seem to hint at the imminent closing of the album – and by extension, another chapter in the Manics story.

Choice Lyric (Full Lyrics)
“I must give up on this / it makes no sense at all”

‘Cardiff Afterlife’ Video by Patrick Jones’



One response to “[T173] ‘Cardiff Afterlife’

  1. It’s Sean doing the backing vocals in the chorus if I’m not mistaken? He really should be singing mo(o)re than he does.

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