[T174] ‘The Soulmates’

Released on: Lifeblood (Album #7), Epic Records, 20 October 2004 (Japan Only)
Track: 13

Note: The two songs unique to the Japanese version of Lifeblood are technically listed out of sequence owing to the earlier release of this edition compared with the UK release. They are presented here to conform with the tracklisting of the album.

What might be called something of a discographical injustice began on October 20 2004, when the Japanese edition of Lifeblood was released (almost two weeks before the UK release). The album contained two songs which would not appear on any other version – a situation which persists today.

The inclusion of additional tracks on Japanese releases of Western albums is a fairly standard industry practice. Not uncommonly, these tracks are actually B-sides from singles released in other countries. However, neither ‘The Soulmates’ or ‘Antarctic’ ever received such a release. It is possible that a third UK single release – to follow [A164] ‘Empty Souls’, released in January 2005 – was intended but then cancelled.

As a result, these songs have taken on a slightly mythic reputation. Musically and lyrically, ‘The Soulmates’ delivers on this. More guitar-oriented than much of Lifeblood, the song still deals in the dominant themes of loss and remembrance, detailing a friendship curtailed leaving “no souvenirs”. The parallels with Richey Edwards are obvious. It is a fine recording which deserved greater exposure, and yet its relative obscurity and the cost of Japanese imports add to its already ample mystique.

Choice Lyric
“they feel like misfits”


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