[B176] ‘All Alone Here’

Released on: Empty Souls (Single #32), Epic Records, 10 January 2005
Peak UK Chart Position: #2

Continuing in the pattern set by The Love of Richard Nixon, the second and final single of the Lifeblood promotional campaign features several B-sides, including one presented only with a video on the DVD single.

Available on the single’s first CD, ‘All Alone Here’ features a similar down-to-earth feel to the one heard in some of the Richard Nixon B-sides – it is also, unfortunately, afflicted some lyrical problems reflective of Wire’s writer’s block at the time. Specifically, the song is simply too repetitious, featuring a very ordinary verse repeated seemingly for no other reason than to extend the song.

There are interesting points, however, such as a brief but interesting solo which uses some quite unique guitar tones, and the warbling background guitar which gradually overwhelms the foreground acoustic as the track progresses.

Choice Lyric (Full Lyrics)
“the dreams of the city / leave no room for self pity”


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