[B177] ‘No Jubilees’

Released on: Empty Souls (Single #32), Epic Records, 10 January 2005
Peak UK Chart Position: #2

Released on CD2 of the Empty Souls single, ‘No Jubilees’ is another minor B-side effort of the Lifeblood period but one which definitely surpasses [B176] ‘All Alone Here’, its counterpart on CD1. The advantages of the song including the lyrics, which while nothing truly special are quite fully-formed and surprisingly cogent for a Manics song which touches on anti-monarchism.

Also of interest is the well-handled combination of acoustic and electric guitars and an enjoyable drum track played with light and almost jaunty touch by Moore. The soaring chorus also helps the track rise above the bulk of Lifeblood B-sides.

Choice Lyric (Full Lyrics)
“make way for history”


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