[E182] ‘Firefight’

Released on: God Save the Manics (April 20, 2005)

In another milestone to be found on the God Save the Manics EP, ‘Firefight’ is only the second Manic Street Preachers song to feature lyrics written by James Dean Bradfield. His efforts aren’t an enormous step on from [A127] ‘Ocean Spray’, but are welcome nonetheless, especially given Wire’s documented dry spell during the Lifeblood period. It can be interpreted as a signal of Bradfield’s solo album The Great Western, which would eventually see release in 2006.

In contrast to ‘Ocean Spray’ there does not seem to be a particular trigger for the writing of ‘Firefight’, and the song comes across as a slightly unfocused and minor but pleasant rock anthem. A good drumming performance from Moore combined with some welcome piano notes liven up proceedings, but the song is lacking a little extra energy.

Choice Lyric (Full Lyrics)
“tonight we’ll watch the burning cars shining bright”



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