[O185c] ‘The Instrumental’

Note: high-res cover art for the Still Unravished compilation as well as full lyrics for this track are both hard to come by. If you have them, please get in touch!

The Manics’ recorded output in 2006 amounted to just a single song, which was like [O184] ‘Leviathan’ before it another excellent compilation contribution. ‘The Instrumental’ is a cover of a song by the 1980s English indie pop band The June Brides, recorded for an album tribute to the band, Still Unravished. The compilation was the very first release by the small label yesboyicecream, with the catalogue number YBI01.

‘The Instrumental’ – which is, significantly, not an instrumental – opened the June Brides’ only album, There Are Eight Million Stories… which was released in 1983. The Manics’ version is very faithful aside from its more modern production and the replacement of a trumpet with a piano. The whole track is a feast of rapid, interlocking keyboard and guitar parts which are superbly handled. The result is something which has a real sense of drive, building and building around the minimal, oblique lyrics. A scarce recording, but one which still stands among the best-ever Manics cover songs.

Choice Lyric
“’cause god is on your side”


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