All Songs Index: 1988 – 1996

Note: for complete release information, see the track essays themselves or the relevant album essay. Tracks released on singles are generally not given track numbers because ommitted recordings (e.g. live tracks or remixes) would create confusion and tracklistings vary by format. A/B-side relationship is indicated by catalogue numbers.

Suicide Alley Limited Single (1988)
1) [A1] “Suicide Alley”
2) [B2] “Tennessee (I Get Low)”

Hopelessly Devoted Split (1990)
[O3] “UK Channel Boredom”

New Art Riot EP (1990)
1) [E4] “New Art Riot”
2) [E5] “Strip It Down”
3) [E6] “Last Exit on Yesterday”
4) [E7] “Teenage 20/20”

Motown Junk Single (1991)
[A8] “Motown Junk”
[B9] “Sorrow 16”
[B10] “We Her Majesty’s Prisoners”

You Love Us Single (Heavenly, 1991)
[A11] “You Love Us (Heavenly Version)”
[B12] “Spectators of Suicide (Heavenly Version)”
[B13] “Starlover”

Stay Beautiful Single (1991)
[A14] “Stay Beautiful”
[B15] “R.P. McMurphy”
[B16] “Soul Contamination”

Love’s Sweet Exile/Repeat Single (1991)
[A17] “Love’s Sweet Exile”
[A18] “Repeat (UK)”
[B19] “Democracy Coma”

You Love Us Single (Columbia, 1992)
[A20] “You Love Us”
[B21] “A Vision of Dead Desire”

Generation Terrorists Album (1992) (Essay)
1) [A22] ‘Slash ‘N’ Burn’
2) [T23] ‘Natwest – Barclays – Midlands – Lloyds’
3) [T24] ‘Born to End’
4) [A25] ‘Motorcycle Emptiness’
5) [A20] ‘You Love Us’
6) [A17] ‘Love’s Sweet Exile’
7) [A26] ‘Little Baby Nothing’
8) [T27] ‘Repeat (Stars and Stripes)’
9) [T28] ‘Tennessee’
10) [T29] ‘Another Invented Disease’
11) [A14] ‘Stay Beautiful’
12) [T30] ‘So Dead’
13) [A18] ‘Repeat (UK)’
14) [T31] ‘Spectators of Suicide’
15) [T32c] ‘Damn Dog’
16) [T33] ‘Crucifix Kiss’
17) [T34] ‘Methadone Pretty’
18) [T35] ‘ Condemned to Rock and Roll’

Slash ‘N’ Burn Single (1992)
[B36] ‘Ain’t Going Down’

Motorcycle Emptiness Single (1992)
[B37] ‘Bored Out of My Mind’

Suicide Is Painless Single (1992)
[A38c] ‘Suicide Is Painless (Theme From M.A.S.H.)’

Little Baby Nothing Single (1992)
[B39] ‘Dead Yankee Drawl’
[B40] ‘Never Want Again’

From Despair to Where Single (1993)
[A41] ‘From Despair to Where’
[B42] ‘Hibernation’

Gold Against the Soul Album (1993) (Essay)
1) [T43] ‘Sleepflower’
2) [A41] ‘From Despair to Where’
3) [A44] ‘La Tristesse Durera (Scream to a Sigh)’
4) [T45] ‘Yourself’
5) [T46] ‘Life Becoming a Landslide’
6) [T47] ‘Drug Drug Druggy’
7) [A48] ‘Roses in the Hospital
8) [T49] ‘Nostalgic Pushead’
9) [T50] ‘Symphony of Tourette’
10) [T51] ‘Gold Against the Soul’

La Tristesse Durera (Scream to a Sigh) Single (1993)
[B52] ‘Patrick Bateman’

Roses in the Hospital Single (1993)
[B53] ‘Us Against You’
[B54] ‘Donkeys’
[B55c] ‘Wrote For Luck’

Life Becoming a Landslide EP (1994)
1) [T46] ‘Life Becoming a Landslide’
2) [E56] ‘Comfort Comes’
3) [E57] ‘Are Mothers Saints?’
4) [E55c] ‘Charles Windsor’

Faster/P.C.P. Single (1994)
1) [A59] ‘Faster’
2) [A60] ‘P.C.P.’
3) [B61] ‘Sculpture of Man’

Revol Single (1994)
1) [A62] ‘Revol’
2) [B63] ‘Too Cold Here’

The Holy Bible Album (1994)
1) [T64] ‘Yes’
2) [T65] ‘ifwhiteamericatoldthetruthforonedayit’sworldwouldfallapart’
3) [T66] ‘Of Walking Abortion’
4) [A67] ‘She Is Suffering’
5) [T68] ‘Archives of Pain’
6) [A62] ‘Revol’
7) [T69] ’4st 7lb’
8) [T70] ‘Mausoleum’
9) [A59] ‘Faster’
10) [T71] ‘This Is Yesterday’
11) [T72] Die in the Summertime’
12) [T73] ‘The Intense Humming of Evil’
13) [A60] ‘P.C.P.’

She Is Suffering Single (1994)
1) [B74] ‘Love Torn Us Under’

The Help Album Compilation Contribution (1995)
1) [O75c] ‘Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head’

A Design For Life Single (1996)
1) [A76] ‘A Design For Life’
2) [B77] ‘Mr. Carbohydrate’
3) [B78] ‘Dead Passive’
4) [B79] ‘Dead Trees and Traffic Islands’

Everything Must Go Album (1996)

1) [T80] ‘Elvis Impersonator: Blackpool Pier’
2) [A76] ‘A Design For Life’
3) [A81] ‘Kevin Carter’
4) [T82] ‘Enola/Alone’
5) [A83] ‘Everything Must Go’
6) [T84] ‘Small Black Flowers That Grow in the Sky’
7) [T85] ‘The Girl Who Wanted to Be God’
8) [T86] ‘Removables’
9) [A87] ‘Australia’
10) [T88] ‘Interiors (Song For Willem De Kooning)’
11) [T89] ‘Further Away’
12) [T90] ‘No Surface All Feeling’

Everything Must Go Single (1996)

[A83] ‘Everything Must Go’
[B91] ‘Black Garden’
[B92] ‘Hanging On’
[B93] ‘No One Knows What It’s Like To Be Me’

Kevin Carter Single (1996)
[A81] ‘Kevin Carter’
[B94] ‘Horses Under Starlight’
[B95] ‘Sepia’
[B96] ‘First Republic’

Australia Single (1996)
[A87] ‘Australia’
[B97c] ‘Velocity Girl’
[B98c] ‘Take the Skinheads Bowling’
[B99c] ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’


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