[O153c] ‘Out of Time’

Released on: NME in Association With War Child Presents 1 Love – B-Unique, 14 October 2002

Cover: Originally by the Rolling Stones

For only the second time, October 14 2002 saw the Manics put out two distinct releases on the same day. While one of those was the There By the Grace of God single, the other was their contribution to the somewhat clumsily-titled charity album NME In Association With War Child Presents 1 Love, released on the B-Unique label. Their cover of the Rolling Stones’ song ‘Out of Time’ was their third charity compilation contribution, and simultaneously their second for NME and their second for Warchild, owing to the collaboration of those two organisations on this release.

The song originally appeared on the Rolling Stones’ 1966 album Aftermath, but was later released in two other fairly distinct versions (including one on the 1975 compilation Metamorphosis). It is interesting that the Manics again chose a 1960s classic to cover for a charity compilation – there is a definite similarity in feel between the recordings of this track and [O75c] ‘Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head’. It’s hard to disagree with the choice given how joyous the Manics’ version is.

Choice Lyric (Full Lyrics)
“you’re out of touch my baby / my poor old-fashioned baby”


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